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Boost your business with the implementation of your Digital Kit

We offer cloud hosting for your Wordpress or Drupal website and for your Prestashop or WooCommerce store.

We offer you different solutions in the cloud to improve your company's processes, customer management, communication and security.

Improve the positioning of your website thanks to our specialized SEO positioning services.

Application Process

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Select the solution

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Digital Kit Services

Discover the Digital Kit services offered by Linkses Network

Web or Virtual Store

We host your website or virtual store in the cloud.

  • Installation and start-up in our cloud hosting
  • One year hosting and maintenance
  • Basic SEO plan for 3 months
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Web positioning

We help your company to improve its web positioning.

Customer Management

We install a CRM solution for your company.

  • Installation and start-up in our cloud hosting
  • One year hosting and maintenance
  • 4 Hours/month consultancy first year

OTP and 2FA implementation

We improve the security of your business processes.

  • Integration of double authentication or single-use codes
  • 500 € in balance for sending / verification of keys

the perfect partner

We work to guarantee the success of your company

All our services included in the Digital Kit are designed to help your company take a step forward in the digital world and stand out in the sector.

  • At the forefront , we apply the most innovative and optimal solutions in your company's processes.
  • Cost savings , solutions designed to optimize the costs of your company.
  • Visibility , solutions designed to improve the visibility of your business on the Internet.
  • Process optimization , solutions designed to streamline, optimize and make your company's business processes profitable.


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