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At Linkses Network we work to cover all the needs of your company thanks to ERP solutions.

We implement ERP solutions that improve productivity and reduce the risks of your company.

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ERP Consulting

Linkses Network works with ERPNext to take your company to the next level. Through which we offer quality solutions to small, medium and large companies.

ERP integrations

ERPNext Integrations

Linkses Network carries out ERP integrations in businesses of all kinds, regardless of the solution available today, we can integrate ERP Next to boost your business processes.

If you already have an ERP in your company and want to change it in Linkses Network we can migrate your systems to ERPNext.

ERP training

Functionality Extension

At Linkses Network we develop custom modules for ERPNext if you are interested in expanding the functionality of your ERP or want to add new functionality to existing modules, we can help you.

What does ERPNext offer your company?

Learn about the solutions offered by ERPNext


Commercial management module

Manage the status of all leads and follow up.

Automate tasks, connect with your prospects and boost your sales thanks to ERPNext.

Know the efficiency of your sales team, control all the details of your leads and their conversion into customers.

  • Sales team management
  • Lead management
  • Appointment management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Task automation


Create, design and manage your company website

ERPNext has a tool that will allow you to create your company's website in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to ERPNext you can have a website adapted to any device.

  • Search engine optimized web pages
  • Inclusion and management of blogs
  • Create your multilingual website

Online store

Create and manage your online store

Create your online store thanks to ERPNext, this will allow you to synchronize stocks between your physical and online stores.

Track sales, shipments and available stock in an automated way.

  • Stock control
  • Inventory Synchronization
  • Personalize your products


Financial management module

Manage your business finances from one place, get cash flow insights, and track income and expenses.

Control the global situation of your company thanks to the dashboard, which you can configure and include the graphs you want.

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Account book
  • Billing management
  • Bank account management
  • Price management
  • Multicurrency

Human Resources

HR management module

Manage talent acquisition

Track the productivity and bonuses paid to your employees

Manage manufacturing processes

  • Manage talent acquisition
  • Manage your employees
  • Manage the training of your employees
  • Manage your employees' expenses
  • Track productivity
  • Manage the payroll of your employees


Manage manufacturing processes

Have complete control of your production on a single platform

Manage the manufacturing process

Manage the inventory and resources of your factory, manage material purchases and track their consumption.

  • Plant Management
  • Subcontract management
  • Inventory management
  • Resource planning
  • Workstation Planning

Projects management

Keep track of your projects

Track the productivity and bonuses paid to your employees

Use agile methodologies

  • Use agile methodologies
  • Tools for Kanban, Scrum and Gantt
  • Manage multiple tasks and projects
  • Create collaborative spaces for your projects


Offer excellent technical support

Centralize your company's customer service thanks to the ERPNext helpdesk module

Manage all channels from the same platform (Emails, calls, Chats, etc.)

Automate ticket generation, assignment, and resolution

  • Process automation
  • Ticket management
  • SLA Tracking

Asset Management

Track project status

Manage the purchase and sale of assets effortlessly thanks to the ERPNext asset management module

Track the productivity and bonuses paid to your employees

  • Manage your receipts and invoices
  • Control all assets
  • Manage your stock inventories
  • Manage the purchase & sale of assets


Frequently asked questions about our ERP consulting Next

If you do not find an answer to any of your questions, you can always contact our team that will help you in everything that is necessary.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that unifies different applications in a unified way, which allows you to have all the information of your company in a single application.

ERPs offer a comprehensive management solution for all company processes (Logistics, Purchasing, Finance, Human Resources, Production, Customer Service, Marketing, etc.).

ERP Next is a modern ERP solution that will allow your company to have software for managing all your business processes.

Although ERP Next is a solution designed for small and medium-sized companies, it can also be integrated into large corporations.

ERPNext uses modern technologies and architectures, this offers you higher performance, better features and a more intuitive interface.

ERPNext is a solution that is easier to integrate, improve and customize, which allows for greater functionality at a lower cost compared to other ERPs.

It is an open source solution, there are many features developed by third parties and it has a large community, all this makes it easier for the company to expand and maintain the solution, as well as cost savings.

Yes, we can carry out any type of development in ERP Next, our team can create the business processes you need in a personalized way or interconnect your ERP Next with other applications or solutions.

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