Linkses Network

Linkses Network was founded in 2004 with the purpose of providing technological support to all types of companies and organizations in order to help them achieve their objectives by implementing the most efficient technological solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each project.

We are currently a leading company in the technology sector specializing in software development, advanced web projects, consulting and outsourcing or outsourcing services.

Over the past 12 years, we have developed different joint projects for international institutions and companies, which has allowed us to expand geographically, expand services offered to clients abroad and increase our technological capabilities and resources.

Our history

  • 2004 -

    Linkses Network is born, our journey begins with the launch of user-oriented services such as portals, web design and free forum system. During these years we launched My-Forum, reaching 40,000 daily visits in 2006

  • 2010 -

    We launched our Telecommunications and Marketing (Afilnet) platform, Afilnet was born initially offering SMS services, which are subsequently expanded to the current Marketing automation platform.

  • 2014 -

    We launched ClubTiendas as an eCommerce platform and creation of virtual stores, through which we facilitate the creation of virtual stores to all types of shops, shortly after we launched the product comparator.

  • 2015 -

    Thanks to agreements with companies such as Ricston (Mulesoft Partners), Linkses Network starts offering consulting services such as ESB, or ERP to clients around the world.

Our Values

  • Commitment

    We are committed to your company. We help make your business more efficient.

  • Innovation and creativity

    We use the most advanced technologies to help you achieve your goals.

  • Professionalism

    We are a responsible and committed company in offering a quality service to our clients.