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We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of projects based on PHP

SaaS Software Development

We make your project come true in PHP

  • Extensive experience in Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter and Zend Framework
  • Make improvements on existing platforms.
  • Perform code maintenance or optimization tasks.
  • Update the framework or PHP version of your project.

Development of Custom Web Applications

We create customized and dynamic web applications using PHP, based on specific client requirements.

We develop plugins for your CMS

Development of custom content management systems (CMS) or configuration and customization of existing PHP CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

API development

We develop APIs using PHP to allow system integration and data sharing between different applications.

PHP Migration and Update

We perform migration and update of PHP versions, we help your company to migrate to the latest versions of PHP , or update your Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter framework, etc.

PHP Maintenance and Support

Provide ongoing maintenance and support services for PHP applications, including bug fixes, implementation of updates and enhancements, and resolution of technical issues.

PHP Performance Optimization

We perform performance audits and optimize PHP code to improve the speed and efficiency of web applications.


Frequently asked questions about PHP development

If you do not find an answer to any of your questions, you can always contact our team that will help you in everything that is necessary.

PHP is a general-purpose programming language, especially suitable for developing web applications . It is widely used due to its ability to create dynamic websites, its compatibility with a wide variety of databases, and its easy integration with HTML.

Yes, we offer maintenance and support services to ensure your app continues to run smoothly after launch. This may include security updates, bug fixes, addition of new functionality, and technical support.

Safety is one of our top priorities. We follow security best practices in PHP development, such as input validation and sanitization, use of encrypted communications, and implementation of access controls. Additionally, we conduct extensive security testing prior to the release of any app.

The time required to develop a web application in PHP can vary depending on the complexity of the application, the specific requirements of the client , and other factors. We strive to offer fast and efficient development time without compromising on quality.

To get started with the development of a PHP application, we need to understand your specific needs and requirements . This may include details about the desired functionality, the look and feel of the website, any required third-party integrations, etc.

Yes, we offer fully customized PHP development services. We work closely with you to understand your needs and then create a solution that perfectly fits them.

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