Boost communications with your customers by sending A2P SMS.

Marketing campaings

SMS A2P allows you to send SMS to thousands of clients in a matter of seconds.

Higher opening rate

The SMS has an opening rate of 98%, opening rate higher than other communication channels.

Connected to your company

You can easily integrate A2P SMS sending into your business processes via API.

Fast and automated

The SMS allows you to connect with your customers quickly and automatically. What allows you a fluid communication with your customers.

Benefits of sending SMS

Discover the benefits of using A2P SMS

Our company offers A2P SMS service to more than 5,000 customers. We can help your company take a step forward in communicating with your customers through SMS.



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A2P SMS is considered to be all SMS that are sent from an application or software to a person (Application to Person).

These SMS are used by companies to carry out SMS marketing campaigns, send notifications, send OTP codes, etc.

A2P SMS are those that are sent from an application or through API to people, however, P2P are those that are sent from one person to another.

A2P SMS has many advantages over other communication methods, making it an ideal channel to connect with your customers.

  • It has an opening rate of 98%, making it very effective for marketing campaigns.
  • It allows the sending of totally personalized content.
  • It allows the sending of notifications and alerts immediately.

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