SMS certificate

The certified SMS allows you to send information in a certified way, assuming a secure, convenient and economical solution for companies. The certified SMS offers reliable proof of the information sent

Benefits of the certified SMS

  • Longer Texts
    The certified SMS allows sending up to 612 characters at no additional cost.

  • Economic
    The certified SMS is cheaper than the certified letter or the burofax.

  • Automated
    The certified SMS allows the automation of processes, offering an efficient solution when you need to certify on demand.

Certified Email

Linkses Network allows you to send notifications legally through email quickly, safely and economically. The certified email has full legal validity and probative value. The certified email allows you to certify the issuer's identity, content, attachments and date / time of shipment.

Benefits of Certified Email

  • Fully valid at judicial level
    The certified email has full legal validity as a tool to certify.

  • Easy to integrate into your day to day
    Sending a certified email is as simple as sending an email and is compatible with any email manager.

  • Proof of delivery
    When you send a certified email you receive a receipt that verifies that the email was sent to the recipient, indicating the identity of the sender, content, attachment and date / time of shipment.

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