Price comparison for buyers

ConsumerStore allows you to compare thousands of products and prices before purchasing. Buy with confidence and guarantee among thousands of stores thanks to our comparator.

Which has benefits?

  • Know the opinion of stores and products before purchasing
    Our user community helps you with opinions and advice/li>
  • Always buy at the best price and with confidence
    We compare the price in thousands of stores daily
  • Share comments and ratings with the community
    Be part of our community and help other users
  • Compare products before buying
    We offer you a detailed comparison of all the features of each product

Price comparison for sellers

ConsumerStore offers you the possibility of including the products of your store in our comparator through any of the modalities we offer. We help you promote your store and increase your sales from day one.

Which has benefits?

  • Promote your online store for free
  • Increase your sales directly and indirectly
  • Know what your customers think about your website
  • Compare your rates with those of your competition

¿Qué modalidades hay?

  • LEVEL 1. Sell my products in ConsumerStore
    With this modality you can sell your products directly in ConsumerStore
  • LEVEL 2. Promote through an affiliate network
    Highlight your products over your competition
  • LEVEL 3. Contributor
    This is the second level highlighted, just include our logo on your website.
  • LEVEL 4. Free / no reference
    This is the totally free modality and without any reference

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