Work in Linkses

Work space

  • Wide job
  • Storage space
  • Office supplies for everyday life (Pens, paper, access to printer ...)

Technology offered by the employee

  • Portátil
  • Additional monitor of at least 23 inches
  • Internet with 200 Mb fiber optic
  • NAS for file sharing

Food Services for employees

  • Bottled water
  • fruit
  • Coffee in capsules
  • Candy

Software solutions available to employees

  • Windows license
  • Access to SugarCRM
  • Access control software

Outdoor Activities

  • Employees carry out activities outside the offices, in order to foster cooperation, partnerships, relax tensions or resolve conflicts in order to be more productive in their workplace.

Extras for employees

  • Free Netflix account

Always available!

In Linkses Network we work every day for you to meet your goals, because we accompany you at all times so you can feel calm