Linkses Network works with Ricston (Mulesoft Partner) to offer solutions to medium and large companies. Mulesoft is an integration platform to connect Saas solutions and business applications.

Solution Integration

Through Mulesoft solutions your company can interconnect all its tools and software solutions so that they communicate with each other optimally. Each service, application and protocol will be interconnected with your Mulesoft instance bidirectionally.

What kind of solutions do we integrate thanks to Mulesoft?

  • ESB solution
  • CRM
  • Web page
  • Databases
  • Cloud services
  • Mail, FTP, SSH protocols
  • Telecommunications services


  • Finance
  • Government organizations
  • Health
  • college
  • Insurers
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic commerce
  • Telecommunications

Benefits of integrating Mulesoft in your processes

  • Transparency, its applications are transparently interconnected with your Mulesoft instance
  • Decoupled architecture, Mulesoft reduces the coupling of its solutions
  • Productivity, Mulesoft increase the productivity of your organization
  • Scalability, Mulesoft allows your infrastructure to grow as much as you need

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