In Linkses Network we offer a set of solutions related to electronic commerce to accompany your company throughout the process from the definition of your online commerce, product promotion and analysis of the sector.

Create online store

In Linkses Network we create online stores that sell. We advise our clients so that they can optimize online sales to the maximum.

We design your custom store and integrate the sale of your products with the main sales channels (Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay).

Price comparison

We compare millions of products day by day, our company tracks the prices of all products to guarantee you the best purchase price.

Likewise, we help your company to know the price at which the competition sells its products, we notify you of price changes so that you can optimize your sales.

eCommerce Big Data

We analyze millions of prices and products every day to offer you a very wide and detailed analysis of electronic commerce in the world. We compare the evolution of prices, characteristics and trends in the market.

Always available!

In Linkses Network we work every day for you to meet your goals, because we accompany you at all times so you can feel calm