Consultancy ERP Next

Consultancy Process

Consultancy ERP

Linkses Network works with ERPNext to take your company to the next level. Through which we offer quality solutions to small, medium, and big companies.

ERP Integrations

ERPNext Integrations

Linkses Network carries out ERP Integrations in businesses of all kinds, regardless of the solution that it possesses today, we can integrate ERP Next to potentiate your business processes.

If you already have an ERP in your company and wish to change it in Linkses Network, we can carry out the migration of your systems to ERPNext.

Training in ERP

Training in ERPNext

Linkses Network carries out the training in ERP Next, learn how ERP Next can help in your business, learn how to get the maximum potential from this ERP solution.

Services that are covered with ERP Next


ERPNext offers tools to manage the relationship with your clients and to improve your company in the areas of marketing and sales.


ERPNext is an advanced tool for the management and administration of the processes of your business.


ERPNext allows for the realization of your website connected to your business, managing everything concerning your web from your ERP


ERPNext allows for the publication of products on-line, as well as the sales management, storage, clients...

Departments where ERP Next applies

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Purchase
  • Retail
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Management
  • Technical / Commercial Support
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Education

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Our consultants will carry out a study in order to improve the efficiency of your business processes. We make your business more profitable and efficient