In Linkses Network we offer you the tools that your company needs to communicate with your customers efficiently. We offer telecommunications solutions for marketing campaigns via SMS, Email and Instant Messaging. Just as we automate your company's communications through virtual numbers and chatbots.

Virtual numbers

In Linkses Network you can hire your virtual number for any country in the world, thanks to this you can connect with your customers wherever they are.

With a virtual number you can send and receive calls or SMS, as well as serve your customers through an interective voice service.

Bulk SMS

Make Bulk SMS campaigns through our platform with the best guarantees and results. In Linkses Network we work with direct routes that allow your messages to be delivered immediately.

Likewise, in Linkses Network we help your company with the integration of SMS notifications in your business processes, ERP, CRM and management software.

Email Marketing

In Linkses Network you can carry out Email Marketing campaigns with guarantees. Our editor allows you to design your emails quickly and conveniently. And thanks to our marketing platform you can send your campaigns to your contacts list and track the status.

SMS / Email certificate

In Linkses Network we also offer certified solutions, so you can send notifications with legal validity at a lower price than the burofax or the certified letter.

In addition, sending certified communications by SMS or email can be integrated into your software, which will save you time and automate legal notifications.

WhatsAPP Business

In Linkses Network we help you connect with your customers through chat. Our company cares about everything so that you can support your customers quickly and easily through WhatsAPP.

In addition, we help you to make the integration of sending notifications through WhatsAPP, so you can remember appointments or events to your customers.

Get to know Afilnet

Afilnet is the solution that Linkses Network offers to meet your needs in Marketing and Telecommunications

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