Big data: Electronic commerce in detail

Thanks to the price analysis performed by our comparison and price analysis system, we can obtain price trends, product fashion, sector balances.

What analysis do we perform?

  • Price comparison
    We compare prices of all products in all stores, with this information we can notify you of any market appreciation.

  • Online store analysis
    We compare online stores with each other to obtain a price ratio for each store, we can analyze the price spectrum of your online store.

  • Competitive products or not
    Thanks to our categorized price analysis we can indicate in which categories your virtual store is competitive or not.

  • Market trend
    We know the price trend of each type of product, if a change in trend occurs we know it instantly.

  • Brand trend
    We have answers to your questions: In what price spectrum is your brand and / or that of your competition located? What pubic is it aimed at? What price changes do your products have? What products are more profitable?

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