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Banking and public administration

Communications connected to the cloud are the perfect solution for your business to go paperless.

Thanks to our Cloud Marketing services you have the possibility of using countless solutions to automate and manage your services in a safe, fast and efficient way. Send documents, invoices and bank statements, as well as contracts and payrolls directly to your clients´phone or email.

  • Save time and cut management costs.
  • Reach a broader range of customers faster than with conventional means.

Logistics and distribution

Our localization software connected to the cloud allows you to get from your smartphone or tablet, real-time information of the exact position of your vehicle fleet, places of stop or breaks, location of the customers to be visited and fulfillment of routes.

  • Real-time location of vehicles.
  • Saving in fuel consumption.
  • Route optimization.
  • Tracking of shipment shape and delivery status.

Your clients can be notified of the shipment shape and the remaining delivery time via SMS or email. Keep track of the shipment shape in each checkpoint and of the delivery status and optimize all your resources.

Foodservice establishments

Keep in touch with your clients in the most direct, efficient and economical way through our Cloud Marketing services. You can take advantage of this perfect solution to attract new clients and promote your customers loyalty.

  • Send discount coupons and promotions to your clients.
  • Notify all your events and keep your clients posted.
  • Make satisfaction surveys and get detailed results.


We collaborate with several universities and intend to be a driving force for innovation at the service of students and professors. We make advanced web projects and develop standard and tailored web software based on specific needs and always with the most advanced technology.

  • Consulting and mentoring.
  • Computer systems optimization.
  • Multitude of services connected with the cloud.


If you wish to start a new business, we can help you boost it. You will have within your grasp the solutions you need to reach your goals.

  • Design and development of corporate websites or virtual stores.
  • Telecomunication services connected to the cloud.
  • Advanced web projects and tailored software development.

I´m looking forward to starting a project right now!