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Cloud Marketing

Cloud Marketing

The future of telecommunications and digital marketing

Over the last years, we have developed a series of services unifying digital marketing and telecommunications and resulting in the so-called Cloud Marketing.

Imagine how would it be like to have a broad range of cloud services you can make marketing campaigns with, focused on attracting new clients and promoting your customers loyalty  in an easier, more economical and more effective way than with conventional means and by using the most advanced communication channels.

Thanks to Afilnet, a multichannel platform developed by us, we take B2B and B2C communication to another level that will make you be at the forefront of the telecommunications and digital marketing fields.

Reaching your clients and affiliates through different channels integrated in one single platform is now possible. These channels are: SMS, SMS-SUMS, WhatsApp, email, voice call, dedicated phone numbers.

Welcome to the future of cloud marketing and telecommunications!!